It all started in the summer of 2018 when Bernardo, the founder of 8000kicks, left his job in London with a mission of changing the world. He started brainstorming about what could disrupt the footwear industry – traditionally such a dirty and pollutant industry. What would be the perfect piece of footwear, and what would it be made of?

“If we can’t show everyone we can make better products with natural materials, then how are we suppose to change things? How are we supposed to make this planet better?”

After a crazy brainstorming session, Bernardo and his team spent the next 6 months searching for the most durable, ecological and waterproof hemp fiber on the planet. The result? 8000Kicks’ first shoe, The Explorer!


Do you remember Voldemort chasing Harry Potter? That was the 8000kicks team during the first 6 months of the business. And they are always looking for new innovative people making cool stuff with Hemp. They have sourced it from east to west, and these days we are mostly buying our hemp from France, Romania and especially China.

But hemp is the 1st step. The challenge is to make the best shoe this planet has ever seen and for that, they had to find the best factories in the world. 8000kicks partnered up with two factories with decades of experience making hemp shoes in Portugal and in China.

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