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The Explorer is the first-ever model of hemp shoes developed by 8000Kicks. It was designed and engineered in Portugal to achieve the most comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly sneaker ever built. Minimalist, yet stylish enough to fit every occasion, indoors and outdoors.

  • Super Stong Hemp fibers;
  • Splash friendly;
  • World’s 1st Hemp Insoles;
  • Algae Bloom soles;
  • 100% vegan;
  • Versatile design;

Style 1.William Shakespeare wrote his greatest works on hemp paper. The poem “The Praise of Hemp-Seed” includes an early remembrance of Shakespeare four years after his death, praising hemp paper for keeping his art alive.

Shakespeare is a round panto style with flat top and keyhole bridge. The gender-neutral classic suits all face shapes and sizes. Available with Maroon or Teak Brown lenses.

  • Italian UV400 sun lenses  
  • Choose from 2 colour combinations 

[Pronounced cane-pe-na] 

Style 2. Canepina is a commune in Italy 60km northwest of Rome. Its name comes from the Italian word for hemp, canapa. Canepina was a major site for the processing of Italian hemp into paper and textiles for the clothing industry.

Canepina is a retro aviator shape inspired by 1970’s culture. You can stand out from the crowd with a truly unique take on a classic style. This model is handcrafted from our original natural hemp material and is fitted with Italian UV400 brown tint lenses.

Style 3.Calgary bay is located on the northwest coast of the Isle of Mull, a beautiful Scottish island which is home to wildlife including dolphins, whales and basking sharks.

Calgary is an oversized square frame with flat top available in our Tortoise hemp brown colour. The frame is bold, stylish and worn by those who like to make a statement.  If you have a wider head than average head shape this could be a great style for you. Our spring hinges allow Calgary to fit medium to large sized head sizes.

  • Quality Italian-made UV400 sun lenses  
  • Choose from 2 colour combinations 

Style 4. World famous architect, Antoni Gaudí used hemp. In the planning of La Sagrada Familia, Gaudí hung hemp ropes attached to lead-filled sacks from the ceiling. This allowed him to reproduce the curves of the church at smaller scale. Guadí also used hemp canvas sheets to imitate the vaults and walls of church.

Gaudi is a slightly oversized panto shape with subtle keyhole bridge. Available in blue Turbine and Natural hemp fronts with lime green or teak brown lenses. Rounded features have been added at the top of the bridge and around the hinge area to add to the organic feel of the frame.

  • Quality Italian-made UV400 sun lenses  
  • Choose from 2 colour combinations 

Style 5. Dutch painter, Rembrandt painted on hemp canvas like many other artists of his time. His house was located on “Jodenbreestraat” street in Amsterdam, where Rembrandt lived and painted for many years. We’ve shortened the street name to “Joden”.

Joden is a regular to large sized aviator frame with a keyhole bridge to reduce the visual ‘heaviness’ of the frame.

  • Quality Italian-made UV400 sun lenses  
  • Turbine hemp – blue hemp fibre front 

Style 6. Named after the picturesque French village of Saint Céneri le Gérei. In the centre of the village is one of the oldest bridges in the world dating back to the 6th century. The beautiful stone bridge is made from hemp and lime which has withstood invasion from the Vikings and two world wars.

Ceneri is a modern gender-neutral cat eye shape which is glazed our lime green UV400 sun lens. Notice the feature blue turbine hemp nose pads and hemp fibre highlights showing on the frame front.

  • Quality Italian-made UV400 sun lenses  
  • Turbine hemp – blue hemp fibre front 

Style 7. Industrial hemp evolved from Northern China at the dawn of civilisation. It was one of the first cultivated fibre plants, as the earliest archaeological record of the use of hemp fibre was found in ancient Chinese civilisations. The mandarin name for hemp is Má  麻.

Ma is a flat top D-shaped frame handcrafted from our Tortoise hemp material. Spring hinges allow a great fit on any sized head and Ma is available in Lime Green or Maroon lenses:

  • Italian UV400 sun lenses  
  • Choose from 2 colour combinations


Here’s to all the beautiful mothers out there who daily sacrifice so much for their children and here’s for the children who want to surprise mum with something special.

Get mum a pair of our 8000Kicks, the worlds first water resistant and versatile hemp shoe and a pair of the world’s first handcrafted hemp eyewear. All the products sold at Global Hemp NZ are new to the New Zealand market so she will definitely stand out in her special gifts.

Please note : If you see a style on the website that is not listed as one of the style options please email us with your name and what style you are after please mention the mothers day  combo in subject.


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Shoe Color

Beige and Green, Black and White, Dark Brown, Full Black, Navy Blue

Shoe Size

US 6 – UK 4, US 7 – UK 5, US 8 – UK 6, US 9 – UK 7, US 10 – UK 8


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